Friday, April 25, 2014

Ackerman Hosts Annual Open House

On Wednesday evening, April 23rd, Ackerman Institute for the Family hosted its annual Open House for prospective students. A crowd of over fifty participants joined Ackerman faculty and students as they described the “Ackerman Experience.” 

The Open House began with a few words from faculty member, Fiona True, who welcomed guests and spoke about the myriad learning opportunities available through Ackerman. She was followed by Dean of Students, Connie Scharf, who introduced the Foundation classes, a 30-week course which provides the foundation of family systems theory and technique through presentations, reading, and videotapes of sessions.  The Live Clinical Supervision and the Clinical Externship , a two to three year program course, where students treat families from behind a one-way mirror under the supervision of a faculty member, were also highlighted.  
Faculty members Julia Chan (Foundations), Aquilla Frederick (Live Clinical Supervision), and Michael Davidovits (Externship) all spoke to their unique experiences training, teaching, and collaborating at Ackerman.

Julia Chan gave an enthusiastic account of her years spent as a student and now as a faculty member at Ackerman and highlighted the life altering nature of training at the Institute.

Students Sarah Berland (2nd Year Day Externship) and Dynesha Henderson (DUAL PROGRAM-Foundations and Live Clinical Supervision) discussed their experiences and how they bring their learning to bear in their daily work.

"To reflect on what you are doing and having the time, living in the moment, and then taking that back in the room with you is powerful,"said Ms. Berland.

Fiona True closed the evening with a short excerpt of a taped therapy session exemplifying the type of work done at Ackerman Institute. “As family therapists, we are interested in families over time, beliefs and how they come to bear,” she concluded, “and our frame affords us entry into some of the most complex presenting problems.”

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