Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spotlight on 936 Broadway

A few more weeks, then it’s farewell to East 78th Street and hello to Broadway! In celebration of Ackerman’s big move, here are a few insider tips on the new building, plus some perks of the downtown location.

About the Building
936 Broadway
The new building at 936 Broadway contains five floors, and Ackerman Institute will occupy the 2nd floor and part of the 3rd floor of the building. Both floors were gutted and rebuilt to specifically meet the needs of the Institute. This project was led by architect and board member, Arnold Syrop, whose knowledge of the Institute allowed him to design a space customized to Ackerman. The 2nd floor will be devoted to therapy offices and studios, while the 3rd floor will contain classrooms and more offices.

New Kind of Therapy Space
Space under construction
In addition to having more therapy offices, the new space will also have new furniture and technology. The interior has been designed with the aim of creating a warm and therapeutic environment. Every office will have a window overlooking either Broadway or 22nd street. The walls are built with extra soundproofing material to prevent audio leaking into nearby offices or hallways.

State of the Art Studios
The 2nd floor contains four studio spaces outfitted with advanced recording technology for capturing sessions and classroom discussions. There are two cameras in the therapy room, and one in the observation room for classes to record their conversations. Each room will contain top-quality microphones to record audio. In the observation room, there will be a wall-mounted TV for students to watch their sessions with supervisory groups. All sessions will be digitally recorded onto external hard drives. In addition, the lighting, wall color, and camera placements were carefully chosen in order to create the most professional recordings. 

Classrooms for the Future
The 3rd floor contains two classrooms separated by a dividing wall that can be opened to create a larger space accommodating up to 100 people. This will allow for larger and less cramped workshops. Each classroom is equipped with cutting edge presentation technology, including two large projectors and screens for participants to easily watch videos and view presentations, along with overhead speakers throughout the room to improve sound quality.

Location, Location, Location
Parking and Public Transportation
6 train running slow? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options to travel to 936 Broadway. The new building is conveniently located near several subway lines, including the 6, N, R, F, and M. It is also one block from the historic Flatiron building. Madison Square Park is nearby, where one can enjoy lunch at the popular Shake Shack. Other tempting eateries close by include Le Pain Quotidian, Eric Kayser, Gramercy Tavern, Craft, Almond, Greensquare Tavern, ABC Kitchen, and Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, to name a few.

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