Monday, June 3, 2013

Ackerman at the 2013 AFTA Meeting

Every year, Ackerman Institute faculty and alumni are involved in the American Family Therapy Academy Meeting. This year’s meeting Program Chair was faculty Jean Malpas, and many Ackerman faculty were presenting.

The following is a list of the presentations by Ackerman faculty from the AFTA meeting:

Wednesday, June 5 
  • Pre-conference workshop with Marcia Sheinberg and Fiona True - Restoring Ruptured Bonds: Strengthening Parent/ Child Relationships and Increasing Parental Attunement and Support
  • Pre-conference workshop with Peggy Papp and Michele ScheinkmanTechniques for Breaking Through Impasses in Couples Therapy 
  • Welcome from Hinda Winawer and Jean Malpas 
Thursday, June 6 
  •  Plenary I, Advances in Couples Therapy and Research, discussant Virginia Goldner, Faculty emeriti 
  •  Interest group chaired by Martha Edwards, which includes a presentation by Elana Katz on Emotionally Focused Therapy 
  • Interest group with presentations from Evan Imber-Black on Family Therapy and the film “The Invisible War” 
  • Brief presentation by Peter Fraenkel on Relational Justice of Affairs: A Clinical Model 
  • Brief presentations on Parenting as Relationship moderated by Martha Edwards 
  • Keynote II on The Revolution in Intimate Relations discussed by Lois Braverman 
Friday, June 7 
  • Plenary II, Advances in Parenting Interventions presented by Martha Edwards 
  • Brief presentation from Laurie Kaplan and Aquilla Frederick on Utilizing Reflection, a Collaborative Dialogical Process for the Training of Multicultural Family Therapy 
  • Brief presentation from Ackerman 2012 alumni Heather Dickinson on Balancing the I and We in a Couple Plagued by Mistrust 
  • Brief presentation from Keren Ludwig on Putting Children First: Restoring Safe Bonds Following the Disclosure of Incest 
  • Brief Presentation from Mary Kim Brewster on An Integrative Model for Assessing Couples: The Four Session Evaluation 
  • Evan Imber-Black moderates brief presentations on New Perspectives in Family Therapy 
  • Dialogue on Foster Care with presentation by Catherine Lewis 
  • Dialogue on International Approaches to Couple and Family Therapy moderated by Fiona True 
  • Presentation on Demystifying Writing for Publication by Evan Imber-Blank 
Saturday, June 8 
  • Plenary III with presenter Esther Perel on The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity 
  • Interest Group on Senior Couples chaired by Adi Loebl 
  • Interest Group on Systemic Response to Natural or Manmade Disasters with Elana Katz 
  • Interest Group on Community Based Interventions chaired by Peter Fraenkel 
  • Brief presentation by Judith Stern Peck and Markie Sallick on Challenging Issues in Couples Therapy

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