Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Special Performance to Benefit Ackerman Institute

Q&A with producers Sarah Nedwek
Phillip Chavira, cast, and Ackerman
President/CEO Lois Braverman
On May 14, 2013, Ackerman Institute’s friends, alumni, faculty, and staff attended a special performance of Tigers Be Still, a play addressing the profound impact of depression and grief on a family. A conversation with the producers, Sarah Nedwek, Phillip Chavira, the cast, and Ackerman President & CEO, Lois Braverman followed the performance at the Drilling Company on the Upper West Side. 

Tigers Be Still is produced by Partly Cloudy People, a theatre company creating performances to raise awareness and support for non-profit organizations. We are delighted that the producers chose the Ackerman Institute as the first organization to benefit from this production. Learn more about Partly Cloudy People.

On the set of Tigers Be Still
The New York Times describes the subject matter of the play, "A big cat is actually on the prowl in Tigers Be Still, an endearing new play by Kim Rosenstock, but nobody's paying much attention to this alarming problem. A fiercer foe is the grief clawing at the hearts of all the characters, whose afflictions come in many stripes, from debilitating illness to a mother's death to a father's abandonment. The possibility of being eaten by a wild animal might be greeted with indifference, if not actually welcomed, by the benumbed, bewildered and bedridden characters in this quirk-addicted but heartfelt comedy."

In a review by Nicholas Linnehan on the website, he says, “The production finds the perfect balance of humor, vulnerability, and honesty. The nuances found in this production are superb, making this off-off Broadway show feel like it should be deserving of the accolades given to Broadway and off Broadway productions. At its current ticket price of $18, it’s an absolute must-see.”

Visiting Ackerman Students from
South America at the performance
Tigers Be Still is playing at the Drilling Company through May 25th.

To learn more about the play or buy tickets, go to the website:

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