Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Ackerman Institute is Moving!

Ackerman Institute for the Family is excited to announce that in August of 2013, we will be moving to a new location at 936 Broadway, in the Flatiron District. This is an exciting area of town, filled with many attractions and also easily accessible via public transit. It is within 1-3 blocks of N, R, 6, 1, F, and M subway stations.

Exterior of new location at 936 Broadway
The Architect for the project is board member Arnold Syrop, who has worked tirelessly with faculty and staff to design a space that is both inviting and practical. The result will be a workplace uniquely suited to needs of Ackerman Institute’s clients, trainees, faculty, and staff.

Construction is currently underway inside the new building. The Institute will occupy the entire second and one third of the third floor of the building. The second floor will house the majority of the therapy offices, 4 studios, a waiting room, several administration offices, and a staff room. The third floor will contain two conference rooms and a few more offices.

Exterior of current location
President and CEO, Lois Braverman, says, “While I think everyone is sad to say goodbye to our current building, my hope is that the new location will offer a lot of wonderful amenities. Arnold has designed a space that will not only be impressive to our clients and comfortable for our staff, but also incorporates the latest technologies to aid us as we continue to grow and evolve.”

One of the highlights of the space will be the state-of the art classrooms, with a seating capacity of up to 100 people. In addition, the studios and offices will contain updated technology for recording sessions and projects.

The Institute’s current home was established in 1960, when a group of families treated by Dr. Ackerman established a non-profit institute to allow him to expand his training activities. The building retains the charm of bygone days, creating a sense of nostalgia and a reluctance to say farewell. The site will be missed, but everyone is very excited to be part of the expansion of the Ackerman Institute.

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