Friday, May 18, 2012

Ackerman Institute Faculty at the American Family Therapy Association (AFTA) Conference

Every year, Ackerman Institute faculty and alumni are involved in the American Family Therapy Association Conference. This year was no exception, with a long list of presentations by faculty and special awards going to Jorge Colapinto and Peter Fraenkel. To see a full schedule of events, click here.

Wednesday, May 16
•    Welcome by Hinda Winawer

Thursday, May 17, 2012
•    Presentation by Dee Watts-Jones entitled Back to Back: Keep on Pushing Treading, and Loving
•    Interest group chaired by Peter Fraenkel on Community-Based Family Programs and Consultation, which included a presentation by Evan Imber-Black
•    Interest group chaired by Martha Edwards on Couples Therapy

Friday, May 18
•    Brief presentations on Conflict in Families, moderated by Lois Braverman, which included a presentation by Catherine Lewis and Andrea Blumenthal on Helping Parents Expand their Beliefs about their Children’s Problematic Behaviors
•    Meet the Authors with Evan Imber-Black
•    Brief presentation by Peter Fraenkel on Time and Technology in Family Life
•    Brief presentations from Judy Grossman and Martha Edwards on A Comprehensive Parenting Program to Promote Child and Family Resilience
•    Brief presentations moderated by Dee Watts-Jones on Healing Conversations

Saturday, May 19
•    Keynote discussion involving Evan Imber-Black and Hilda Winawer on Positive Deviance, Social Complexity, and Generative Relationships
•    Gender Dialogue chaired by Jean Malpas
•    Brief presentations moderated by Peter Fraenkel on Building Collaborative Teams and Programs
•    Brief presentations moderated by Andrea Blumenthal on Expanding Knowledge
•    Brief presentations moderated by Laurie Kaplan on Couples Therapy
•    Special presentation on Pearls of Wisdom that included Evan Imber-Black

Awards Ceremony
•    2012 Distinguished Contribution to Social Justice was presented to Jorge Colapinto
•    2012 Innovative Contribution to Family Therapy was presented to Peter Fraenkel


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