Thursday, January 5, 2012

Introducing Short Conversations

Starting in January 2012, Ackerman Institute for the Family is introducing a new online series called "Short Conversations..."

Every week, viewers will be treated to ideas for living from the world renowned Ackerman faculty.

"Short Conversations..." will explore subjects across the entire range of the family experience, including marriage, child rearing, aging, substance abuse, sexuality and so many other issues that impact our happiness and understanding of ourselves.

"Short Conversations..." are your chance to connect with the finest family therapists in the world. Concerned about your child’s behaviors? Frustrated with your partner’s distance? Looking for ideas to deal with an aging parent? If so, then "Short Conversations..." will soon become a welcome part of your day. 

This week's "Short Conversation" is about chores and children, featuring faculty member Fiona True.

Welcome to the conversation.

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