Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ackerman Webinar Program Brings Workshops to a Wider Audience

More than 50 people participated in the Ackerman Institute’s latest webinar, Getting Past "Never Again": Creating Forgiveness, led by Sue Johnson, EdD, CPsych, on May 13th. The presentation represented Ackerman’s most technologically advanced webinar as Dr. Johnson presented from her base in Canada while Catherine Lewis, Director of Community and International Training, and Climeen Wikoff, Administrative Director, monitored the webinar in New York.

A webinar is an interactive online learning experience conducted via the Internet (to view presenter, Power Point presentations and video edits) and teleconferencing (to hear presenter's audio). It is live and takes place in real time. During the webinar, participants have an opportunity to contribute and participate in Q&A via chat and phone.

“We know there is a large audience of professionals outside of New York who would love to be able to participate in Ackerman’s workshops,” Ms. Lewis said. “The webinar program is Ackerman’s first foray into the world of distance learning, which we believe, has great promise for the future. We are very excited to be able to offer a variety of outstanding programs.”

“This was the first webinar we broadcast with a presenter at a remote location and it worked beautifully,” Ms. Wikoff said. “Our ability to do this means there is almost no limit to the variety of webinars we can present in the future.”

In an email sent to Ackerman following the webinar, one participant said, “I was a little nervous about trying a webinar, but I must say it worked out very well. This is a great way to learn without inconvenience. Please keep them coming.”

A second participant commented that she “got a lot out of it and was thrilled to finally ‘webinar.’”

The Ackerman Institute inaugurated its webinar program in March with a presentation on Work and Family Life: Mastering the Great Juggling Act with Peter Fraenkel, PhD, Director of Ackerman Institute for the Family’s Center for Work and Family.

On April 15th, Dr. Evan Imber-Black, Director of Ackerman’s Center for Families and Health, presented Rituals for our Times: Celebrating, Healing and Changing our Lives and our Relationships.

On April 21st, Dr. Martha Edwards presented Guidance Tools for Positive Parenting.

Most of Ackerman’s webinars are being created for professional audiences. Dr. Edwards’ webinar was open also to parents.

The Ackerman Institute is approved by the APA; NASW, NJ; NASW, NY; and NASW, CT to offer continuing education credits. Webinar registrants are eligible to receive 1.5 CE credits for each 90 minute webinar.

Webinar information is available on the Ackerman website, The Training Department also sends email announcements. If you are not receiving webinar email announcements and would like to receive them, please email your name and organization to: