Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ackerman Hosts Third Annual Case Consultations

More than 40 alumni and guests squeezed into a packed library on Friday, January 25 when the Ackerman Institute Alumni Association hosted the Third Annual Case Conference. The case conference panel consisted of Jorge Colapinto, LPsych, Lisa Lavelle, LCSW, and Fiona True, LMSW, (pictured from left to right in the photo above).

The Case Consultation panel is one of the most popular events on the Alumni Association calendar. Each year, alumni are invited to submit cases to be discussed by a panel of faculty members. The purpose of the case consultation is to offer the individual therapist a range of different ideas about how to approach particular situations. Alumni and guests in the audience also contribute ideas and opinions.

"That was really fascinating," one audience member said as the evening came to a close. Another audience member noted, "I'm going to be thinking about these cases all weekend."